Baylis & Harding Great Body Range

I was sent a lovely gift box containing two products from the Great Body range. These products have been developed using British Wildflower plants. My skin was in need of a serious nourishing boost. I have spent much of the last week covered in plaster dust, youngest even said I smelt like the house (not a compliment at the moment I assure you!).

So the first item to review was absolutely perfect for me, a refreshing body mist (RSP £6) so I now have a delicate and uplifting fragrance cloud around me! The combination of elderflower, meadowsweet and sage leaf works well. I especially like the soothing qualities of the elderflower, with every whiff I feel more relaxed and calm, given the stresses of moving house its fabulous having some of those tensions drift away.

The products are part of a 5 step routine, using all of them is a real skincare treat. But even individually you can see an improvement. With such care and attention you would think this skincare collection would be quite pricey. They look very luxurious and are packaged in beautiful pastel shades, so I was pleasantly surprised with the RSP of £6 per product. They are a decent size too, each item will last you a fair while, so excellent value all round.

The Body Firming Cream smelt very natural, so nice getting to use a product that feels it will be gentle for your skin and not smelling artifical and heavily perfumed. The product absorbed into my skin well and I am looking forward to having a product to firm my skin, it certainly needs it at the moment with my cake habit out of control (I blame the stress of moving house!).

You can find out more about this and other Baylis & Harding ranges on their website.

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