Baylis & Harding New Men’s Collections

perfect timing for Father’s Day I bring you news of the Baylis & Harding
New Men’s ranges. Hubbie did look quite
pleased to see these arrive here; he has been very dusty from all his work in
the new house and could do with a good wash down as you can see from the
picture (and possibly a shave but I am saving that for another review!).

The fragrances are very manly but fresh smelling. The black pepper, fresh pine needles and
ginseng works surprisingly well, I thought black pepper might make for an
unsavoury fragrance but its actually very pleasant combined with the
ginseng. Hubbie said using the products
gave him a much needed energy boost. 
They are a useful way to get up and moving in the morning, perhaps I should
start pinching some of it for myself!

The Citrus Lime & Mint set is another combination you
might have thought a little outlandish, but again Baylis & harding have
found another appealing blend.

As usually seems the case with Baylis & Harding products they
are reasonably priced. If your finances
are a little tight you can still splash out on your partner with something from
the range. They are well presented so
look considerably more expensive and offer a real treat.

I am glad hubbie has been sent some of the men’s
products so he can leave my products alone from an earlier review,
I love Baylis & Harding so much I find it difficult to share…

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