Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Cordial Review and Competition

I was sent a bottle of this refreshing cordial to try out,
so I have been idly sipping it whilst writing up this post. It is a lovely drink for warm days; it’s all
fresh flowers and fresh lemons, a delicate flavour to quench your thirst in the
heat. You need only a little bit (1:10)
to dilute into water to enjoy the taste, so each bottle is great value and
lasts a considerable time.

for children as a drink too, much better than some of the artificial squashes
the boys insist on glugging down. This
has no preservatives or flavourings and seems a very natural drink for them, so
I do not mind them having plenty of this when they are thirsty.

only is it rather fabulous for the children, us adults can even use it as a
spritzer for wine. There is nothing
like the odd glass to unwind after a stressful day, so I can imagine it would
be even more soothing with a splash of elderflower cordial.

have teamed up with Belvoir
to offer my followers a marvellous competition to win a prize package worth
Β£45, to include six bottles of the delicious Elderflower Cordial and a children’s
baking set. They are celebrating the summer elderflower harvest by teaming up with celebrity cook Sophie Conran who has developed a number of recipes for children using the wonderful cordial.

If you would like to enter please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 21st of June.

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