Father’s Day at Asda

were sent a small selection of what Asda have to offer dad’s this Father’s
day. Hubbie was pleased with his
stash, not that he had a chance to appreciate them for long youngest
squirreled off some of this new things!

He wanted the lovely Mr Men wash bag to store his
“inventions”… so now he carries around his assortment of selotaped random
things in this bag! I am hopeful we
will be able to get it back when we go on a weekend away, so we have a useful
wash bag to store everything in, until then youngest seems exceptionally
pleased with it.

Mr Men branded theme is popular as the characters are so recognisable and have
interesting characters. Asda also have
a superhero theme for your super dads out there! There are plenty of gimmicky things that dad’s seem to love so much, the lightsaber key ring he thought was fab and did not give the boys a chance to pinch it! I thought it might have glowed but it just extends when you need it to so you can use it for a pointer for your phone or other devices. Hubbie was thrilled… I expected more whooshing and action!

from Asda are very affordable, generally we do not spend much for Father’s day,
not that I do not think hubbie deserves more, but usually we have run out of
cash spending it on bills and food! 
Hubbie is usually pleased with a toblerone and a card. 
One day I hope we can lavish him a bit more, but with Asda you could buy
a fair few bits and still have change out of a tenner! Items start from a £1 so it’s the perfect
place to head when money is tight.

out the website for more information on the

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