Jacamo Super Dad Campaign

I was asked if
hubbie would like to review some clothes for Jacamo as part of their acknowledgement of everything dads do, given hubbie’s wardrobe is as capsule as
mine he literally jumped at the chance.

He picked out a lovely shirt, a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt, okay admittedly I picked out the t-shirt in the end as his initial choice had a big skull on it and I wanted something a little more low-key. The actual t-shirt is lovely, just really big (hence you only have a picture of it slung over his arm lol!), so if ordering from Jacamo just be aware of that when choosing sizing. It looked gorgeous on the model on their site so I think if you get the size right its a rather fabulous t-shirt to own.

I think he looks quite dapper in his new clothes! He is very
pleased with his jeans £20 (very reasonable and comfy on him) and Black Label Party Shirt £25 (hopefully it means we have
an excuse to socialise now and get into the party spirit!). The shirt also comes in sky blue and navy
which I think looked pretty good on the website. But the useful thing about black shirts is they go with
everything and can be dressed up or down, depending on the rolling up of
sleeves, undoing of buttons or adding of a tie!

Hubbie was pleased with the quality of clothes on the Jacamo
site. It was easy enough to navigate
and find items he liked (assuming I would let him order them of course, I do not think he has forgiven me for the skull t-shirt!). Our order arrived quickly and was well packaged. Seeing as he is spending so much time in his
work overalls (he has gone a little DIY mad!) its especially nice seeing him in
something without splashes of paint on it for a change, he has scrubbed up quite well. 

I read some of the figures from the infographic on the Jacamo site and its good to see 52% of dad’s actually cook for the family, that should stop my mum grumbling at me for not having a hot meal waiting for him when he comes home… its nice men are doing their bit around the house, juggling work and the kids, so I do not mind adding one more treat to his long list of Father’s day presents this year if he continues pulling his weight! After all hubbie deserves it, he is a super dad really, the boys adore him and smile with delight when he comes home from work and they run at him full pelt for hugs.

Super Dads – Britain’s Brilliant Fathers

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