Keeping Your Child Safe

I am a natural born worrier, I had socket covers, little foamy things to stop doors slamming on teeny fingers, plastic corner pieces to put on furniture and lots of safety gates in a bid to keep my two as safe as I could. If there was a new safety gadget advertised I would want to snap it right up and install it in my house quick smart to stop my little monkeys getting into any more mischief. I had my hands full when I had a toddler and a baby, the pair of them were into everything!

Even with my Fort Knox levels of security accidents sadly were still inevitable, but hopefully minimised. I mean even I cannot factor in my youngest sticking Christmas decorations packaging up his nose and preventing that… fortunately its slightly easier now they are 5 and 7.

Betta Living are supporting Child Safety Week (23rd to 29th of June) and encouraging everyone to consider how safe their home really is. I am awful I go round mentally doing risk assessments in every home I step inside, if I see an upstairs window is open I panic a child will climb on the bed and hop out! To stop children free falling I go round closing them all, I am not sure what my friends make of me, but to be fair most of them are used to me by now and accept my ways!

Given that the majority of accidents can be prevented a certain level of high alert is a good thing. I am not suggesting you wrap your child in cotton wool (although its tempting if it kept them safe!) but a sensible approach to securing your home is worthwhile. Make sure you put medicines and washing detergents out of reach of children, I know of a few kids who have chomped on a liquid tab or taken a slurp of some cleaning liquid in the past, fortunately they were okay after a trip to hospital. So high up or locked down seems the best bet to stop that activity.

I for one am all for Betta Living raising awareness of the importance of next week. I have given you the heads up early so you can child proof your own homes in time. You can complete the survey (you even have a chance of winning Mothercare vouchers) and see where you can make improvements. With around a million children under fifteen ending up in A&E each year, I think considering where the hazards are in your own home is time well spent. Doing the survey made me realise I need to think more about the long cords on our blinds.

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