Monkey Wellbeing Resources

think this range of leaflets; booklets and activity sets themed around the
likeable Monkey character are well thought out and a really useful tool in
explaining different procedures in hospital.

Obviously going into hospital for the first time is very
daunting; children do not know what to expect, they might be nervous and you do
not want to add any extra stress with them already feeling unwell. The storybooks are written in an approachable
way, lots of lovely pictures and facts about a hospital stay but with gentle
kind nurses helping and mentioning things you will enjoy about your visit there
(like the hospital playroom full of toys, mummy or daddy staying with you and a
play specialist to bring entertainment to your bed whilst you rest).

books mention things like there will be lots of tubes and screens in the ward
and the machines might make funny noises. 
I think seeing the pictures prior to their visit will help them adjust
to an environment quite different from being at home in their own room. Having some understanding of the sights and
sounds, the people they will meet, the procedures they will have will make them
feel more confident on their arrival at hospital.

entire series provides lots of reassurance; my eldest son was very interested
in the entire collection. He wanted to
read all the books and absorb all the new information in one sitting. He is asthmatic so it was particularly
useful to have the Monkey has an Asthma Attack storybook for reference. Currently his asthma is well managed on the
whole, but I do occasionally find it difficult to convince him to take his
medication. I have a feeling he will
make less of a fuss after seeing Monkey having more difficulty breathing
because he himself sometimes forgot to take his brown puffer inhaler.

is better than cure and the booklets also focus on the positive steps you can
take to stay healthy. Using sun screen,
getting plenty of sleep, eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and
wearing a helmet when your on your bike. 
All in all I think these materials are first rate and ideal for anyone
preparing their children for hospital treatment.

can find out more information from the Monkey Wellbeing website.

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