Moshi Gumball Machine Review

Storing all our Moshi friends is quite tricky, I was
letting the boys use a big gift bag but to be honest it had started to get
pretty tatty! So when the Moshi Gumball
Machine came for review even I was excited. 
It is such a novel way of storing your characters, given it can hold up
to 120 you do not have to worry if you own a big collection of them.

Gumball Machine is easy enough to open to add your beloved Moshi’s and you just
turn the handle to see who will pop out to greet you. As a parent I like it that the Moshi’s now have a proper place of
residence, they are less likely to get trampled over the floor as you can
encourage your children to return them to their new “home”. The boys enjoy the element of surprise wondering
who will drop out next.

Another added bonus is that the
Moshi Gumball Machine comes with an exclusive moshling. So a must have for the Moshi collectors out
there who just have to own each and every moshling. Whether the boys will keep returning to it with such enthusiasm
down the line its hard to tell but I know for a fact I will keep loving it,
just so I can keep their playroom looking that much more tidy.

With an RRP of £17.99 (you can buy it cheaper if you
shop around) it’s a reasonably priced storage option for the Moshi’s and seems
to make children (well my boys anyway) want to play with their figures all over

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