Move the odds in your favour

We’d all love to win the lottery. It’s one of those daydreams we all have from time to time, as well as every time we buy a lotto ticket. When you’re young, free and single, lotto dreams about how to spend the prize money are probably all about sports cars, beach houses and a never-ending series of holidays. As you get older and have kids and responsibilities, those daydreams probably become a little more considered and more about harnessing a secure future for you and your family, with a little bit of extravagance thrown in for good measure! I would invest it in creating a garden like the one from the barn we rented!!! It had a veg patch, chickens, an epic sized trampoline and a secret garden walk!

While we can all daydream about how to spend a lotto win, the truth is that when you enter a lottery, the only thing that’s going to win you the jackpot prize is luck. No-one can pick the winning numbers with certainty and the odds of winning always seem very slim. Yet, somehow, more often than not, someone, somewhere, gets the jackpot.

So, how do you increase the chances of that person being you? One way to do this is to choose to enter the lottery that gives players the best odds of winning.

For example if you compare Irish Lottery odds to the National Lottery you’ll discover that when you play the Irish lotto, there’s a 1 in 8,145,060 chance of winning, whereas if you play the National Lottery, it’s a 1 in 13,983,815. While the jackpot prize may not be as eye-wateringly big as the UK lottery sometimes is, surely it’s better to spend your money on a ticket that offers you a greater chance of winning?

Now that we can all buy lottery tickets online, you can play different national lotteries even if you’re not resident in the country the lottery is being played in. For example at Lottoland, you can play the Irish lotto, the UK lottery, Euromillions, the US Powerball lottery and MegaMillions all on the same site. The Irish lotto offers players the best odds of winning by far – so it makes far more sense to play that over the others!

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