Planning a moving in Shindig!

have the new house so it seems natural to want to celebrate it finally
happening (it took five long months to get it finalised after all!). I want a party of all parties to introduce
all our friends to our new abode, thoughts in my head range from a Pims
afternoon tea party (with lots of cream cakes too of course!) to a cocktail
party with some handsome waiters thrown in for good measure.

my shoe string budget though the best I will probably manage is a few cheap
bottles of plonk. I do want the party
to be remembered though; I have some good friends who supported me through ALL
the moaning on about will we ever get the house!!!

ordered the cocktail umbrellas in already, so that might be a sign to continue
with that theme. I am going to host a
separate party for the children, with an entertainer so the parents can have a
welcome rest. But for our adult party,
I was even thinking of making fancy dress compulsory.

I get an idea into my head I do tend to escalate it until it’s completely out
of control! But like the cocktail umbrella’s I just had to have, us ladies
could squeeze into glamorous cocktail dresses to wow our partners surely. I wish ace
fancy dress did this one in red!

would notice me then, at the moment we are so wrapped up in decorating the new
house; we sadly have not had much time for each other. A party is a chance to unwind, gossip, make
new memories. So I shall keep planning
behind the scenes and hopefully one day soon you will see an update of how it

friends are certainly egging me on to get the party started! I have quite a blend of people I know so it
should make for a fascinating evening. 
Mind with enough alcohol to hand it can be nothing but a success
hopefully (with an adequate supply of canapés
to soak it all up of course!).

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