#PlaytheHero Competition

Philips has a wonderful competition
live at the moment to celebrate the launch of their new Marvel Imaginative
Lighting. We were sent a Spider-Man
Wall and Ceiling Light to review. 
Eldest was very pleased with this, he said it would make him not scared
at night and it looks awesome.

we have to hang fire actually installing it at the moment as our new home is a
building site and we are not really at the decorating part yet! I am staying at my parents and I am not sure
how they would feel if I started replacing their grown up light fittings for
Spider-Man, as much as I think it would bring a breathe of fresh air to the

So onto our competition entry, a
story written by my eldest:

Super E and Jumping J fly through the air, they save the city from the
villains. There is a baddy boss, he is
pink and blue and can lift anything even the sea. The other one is black and green and he is a ninja, he can blend

The villains have been stealing the citizens and “evil”ising them! They add chemicals into their drinks and the
citizens say “oh no” as they get purple diamonds on their body and their skin
turns purple.

Jumping J jumps to the rescue then Super E flies and grabs the evilised
citizens and puts them into the “good” chemicals.

They take the villains to the cops and then the tired
superheros settle down and watch television with lots of fruit and vegetables.

you enjoyed his little tale and feel inspired to get your children to come up
with their own. The prizes are very
enticing, you can find out more information on their facebook page, just be quick as the
competition closes on the 9th of June.

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