Sailing Off to Sleep

Sleep is precious, you only realise how much you really love it when you’re not getting any. Children have a knack of doing that, as cute and adorable as they may be! It’s not just the early starts; it’s getting them off to sleep in the first place.

As the boys have got older they have mastered resisting bedtime! Eldest frantically rubs his eyes and yawns but insists he is not tired in the slightest and seems to be able to fight going off to sleep with steely determination. When I go and check in on him he is always sat bolt upright in his bed, in the vague hope I will let him come back downstairs and join the adults. So I was thrilled to review an item from the Lulu & Nat bedding range to hopefully get things back on track.

Given my blog is called Missing Sleep you would think perhaps I should accept my fate graciously, but I do not want to live with permanent shadows under my eyes! So seeing the fabulous Boats Duvet Cover and Pillowcase made me more resolute than usual.

The print on the bed set is quite calming, lots of lovely little boats. The design which is hand block printed on Indian cotton is eye catching and makes his bedroom instantly look more stylish. I think the theme is a welcome change to the ones my boys usually end up with (lots of cartoons off some TV program or another).

We came up with the idea that eldest could count boats to help him go off to sleep. He says he is excited about the “hard challenge” of trying to see how many there are. Then in the morning to get him to stay in bed longer (any time after 7am is acceptable!) he can double-check his answer… that should keep him out of mischief for awhile!

Even if the bed set cannot promise any more sleep in the long run, it will at least make me feel happier about how marvellous his bedroom now looks and I cannot think of a better way to drift off to sleep than with the ocean as your background.

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