Securing my boys future

eldest is already developing a sensible approach to money, for his birthday
this week he had a fair few cards each with a crisp £5 note inside.

than blow the lot, he wisely decided to purchase some more LEGO to compliment a
set he had off us and then he put the remainder into his piggy bank for a rainy

I really do want him to have a bit of a nest egg to fall
back on. It seems much harder these
days with the raising costs of food and living generally! Perhaps if he makes a considered effort now
he will have some money to tide him over when he needs it for the bigger things
in life, funding himself through university, buying a car or a deposit on his
first home.

Future proofing your child’s
tomorrow seems a sensible approach, I do
not want my boys struggling like hubbie and I did when we first had the
boys. Money was extremely tight,
holidays nonexistent and luxuries unheard of. 
It was a stressful time for the both of us; we struggled on weathering
the storm, making savings where we could and going without.

even when money was at its tightest we always tried to squirrel away a few
pounds a week for the boys financial future. 
It can be hard to decide where to invest your money; we started off
quite favourably with the child trust fund (£250 or £500 depending on circumstances invested on the birth of your child), which suddenly seemed a lot less competitive once the government
abolished it
! Such a shame as
eldest just turned 7 so would have been due his next payout if it was still
running! Instead we went back to the drawing board. I must admit the cash
ISA at Santander looks promising; whatever we decide the main thing is
giving my boys a buffer, life is tough I want to make it as easy as I can for

They certainly have a taste for accumulating money, they like finding it down the sofa, on the street and they even keep
asking for a metal detector as a present so they can seek out more hidden underground. Their plans for treasure know no bounds;
hopefully they can gather a healthy stash by the time they leave home.

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