Spoiling Daddy

My hubbie is being spoilt this Father’s Day he has reviewed a VAX cleaner, some new clothes, a fancy Braun shaver and lovely skincare products. I should feel a little disgruntled he is getting so spoilt (I have to write up all the reviews after all) but he has been working incredibly hard at the new house. Mother’s day involved a hand made card (always a fan of these though), a slice of Simnel cake (courtesy of the boys Sunday school) and a tiny bunch of flowers (also from the church!). Even the blog reviews surrounding Mother’s day were not half as fancy as hubbie’s current stash.

The boys want their daddy to have gifts lavished on him because they think he does a good job putting up with me (charming I know!). So they have emptied their piggy banks and want to buy him something too. They are missing him so much when he goes to work on the house, he loses track of time getting stuck into stripping wallpaper or ripping out ceilingsā€¦ and usually comes home looking something like this!

He could do with a watch to know when enough is enough and realise its time to come back to the boys to see them before bedtime (we are still living at my mum’s!). I think the boys are a bit optimistic but they want to get daddy a fancy gift, I had a look at the Watches of Switzerland site and some bling might do the trick. Although given that the piggy bank yielded mostly coppers I think the bank of mummy might have to come to the rescue. A watch is an ideal gift symbolising time and how much we want to spend it with him, on adventures, long walks and lazy afternoon’s, we do not want him spending all his time on the house.

It’s tough living apart even momentarily; I miss falling asleep in his arms. I guess renovations are always going to be difficult and my Tigger spring in my step cannot always be maintained!!! I think a nice slap up meal (anything to avoid my cooking although these Father’s day recipes look pretty foolproof!), a beautifully gift wrapped watch (most likely from the pre-owned section but just don’t mention it to him!) and a generous number of kisses and cuddles from the boys and then their daddy should be a happy bunny and on the 15th of June he is banned from DIY projects, his time will be for us and the house can handle a day without any attention.

I better crack open the paints so they can get working on their Father’s day card, although last time I did, when my back was turned the boys decorated the driveway!

So I am a little reluctant to get crafting with them at the moment, it took a decent clean with the pressure washer to get it back to its former glory! Thankfully it worked I do not think the neighbours are quite ready for my boys and the resultant chaos!

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