Stealth Learning over the Summer Holidays

I love reviewing it has
introduced me to products and services I might never have known about
otherwise. One of these is the company
Reading Chest; after my review period ran out I gladly subscribed so that my eldest
could continue to make good progress with his reading. I have just started a subscription for my
youngest to give him the same opportunity as his eldest brother. He is plodding along, slowly getting the
hang of it, when he has increased his ability I can gradually work him up the
Reading Chest levels. I love how it is
structured and the boys look forward to seeing if the post brings with it some
new books to read.

My eldest is always excited
when I say he has received another certificate for another milestone in his
reading, since we first started I think he has got through over 140 books now,
which is a wonderful achievement. At
school he only brings home one a week so we are flying through them.

My boys do not always like to think I
am encouraging learning outside of school hours though, they seem to have
willing accepted Reading Chest, probably because they enjoy
having their own post and feeling grownup about it! But when I bring out the official learning books I often get a
big groan of complaint. Learning needs
to be disguised to have their acceptance. 
I do not want to leave the long summer holiday without some attempt of
schooling, but if I look like I am dragging out anything resembling school
materials I have soon lost their interest!

So to get round this we try and play lots of games,
including top trumps; my eldest has tons of packets, from Dinosaurs to Sea
Creatures and epic farm machinery! We
even have one packet I can barely stomach looking at, plop trumps (all the
different poops of animals scored on smelliness etc charming I know!). It really does help them with their numeracy
as they get to grips with all the numbers for different skills. Eldest would play this all day long if I let

I also find the boys quite
enthusiastic about certain educational apps, even though strictly speaking this
is learning. But because they do not
think mummy would actively encourage screen time, its seen as a treat and they
embrace the maths challenges.

I like taking the boys out to see
attractions with lots for them to learn, like Ironbridge, it’s a great history
lesson then. Lots of information will
be sinking in but wrapped up in a fun family day out.

Reading Chest is offering Missing Sleep Readers
£5.00 off their first month’s membership with the promotional code
MISSINGSLEEP14 and I am also hosting a competition for one lucky reader to win 6 months of the silver package (to help you survive when school breaks up!). If you would like to enter for a chance of
this rather fabulous prize worth £70 then kindly fill out the rafflecopter
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