The Little Boy Who Lost His Name Review

was so pleased to be offered one of these delightful books to review from the
lovely folk at My youngest was positively over the moon
when it arrived and he slowly discovered the book was about him.

is a really great idea for a story, it develops along nicely with an
interesting theme (a child tracking down their lost name) and fun characters to
meet and then your child gets the pleasant surprise of realising the letters
found spell out their name.

You can go through the process of making a book and see a
sneaky preview on their website, but once you have done that I am sure you will
want to order one to treasure forever. 
The pictures are beautiful and it makes a nice change to some of the run
of the mill books we have been reading at bedtime.

I personally want something more magical before they go to
sleep, story time is a special part of the day, when you can snuggle together
and enjoy some calm quality time. completely understand this, given the concept was produced
by three dads and an uncle you can see why they managed to get it so right!

Each of the books made has a story based on the letters in
your child’s name, so for another name with different letters a whole new
exciting adventure can be discovered. 
This really is the perfect purchase for all your children to enjoy. My order arrived promptly and I was pleased
with the quality of the paper. The book would make a thoughtful gift for any

As my son has quite a short name he seemed to have a
few extra pages to pad out the book, this was ideal as you would not want such
a fabulous book to end too soon! The
book is pitched at children aged 2-6, my youngest at 5 thought it was terrific but
my eldest at 7 still took quite an interest in hearing about it too.

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