The move taking its toll

Moving house is not great for martial bliss, hubbie and I are permanently growling at each other at the moment. We are surrounded in boxes, stumbling over all our accumulated junk/cherished items and sharing one bedroom with all our upstairs furniture and the boys. The boys think its great like a big adventure but it means they do not nod off for ages, because they are busy winding each other up late into the evening! It’s hard to see an end in sight, each room (except the smallest one we now all share) needs something to finish it off before it can be painted and have flooring.

Sad faced as he wants his bedroom sorted. Bless him I do not want him getting upset, because I have been reading heaps of articles like this one, about how moving home can negatively impact children (although it seems more of a problem if its a regular occurring thing).

Wires are being pulled out or laid down, walls are being re-plastered and leaks are being blocked up! In a flurry of activity we knocked down a few walls without thinking of the practicalities, the costs of a structural engineer to make sure things are weight baring and a council inspection to sign everything off. The £££ quickly mount up; my nails are being bitten to the quick when I see how fast our bank account is depleting! The house is beautiful though and well worth the anxiety. The boys have more outside space and we are spending more time outdoors for it, biking, scooting and playing football. But I think if I ever see another cardboard box it will be too soon! I am just shuffling them around at the moment, trying to unpack but not really able too because of the unfinished rooms. Although I must be making some kind of progress as the recycling bins are all full with cardboard… and hubbie built up his muscles clearing out the loft.

I was reading this article and I think any tips to try and make the experience of moving less stressful are worth following! It is exhausting and expensive. We had a moving company move the bigger items but I am glad we did, they were worth the money because they actually dismantled the bed and remade it again in our new place. Factoring that and all the heavy lifting they did I do not regret spending there. I would have done my back in lugging the wardrobes otherwise. 

To cheer myself up when I have a slump in my spirits I have started looking at the home accessories I can get to make us more comfortable. I adore my boys but sharing a room is wearing me out, I wake up with every little noise they make in their sleep. Living here is helping me realise what minor snags now need sorting and what extras need purchasing. I have had hubbie fix a drain that was not going down, order a doormat (the builders can wipe their feet then!) and some new light fittings. The electrician has been busy sorting out all our wires, he has asked me to pick out the ones I want and he will install them. I have seen a few that have caught my eye from Lampcommerce, I want the lights to really stand out and draw attention from the walls we have yet to get round to plastering. I love the vivid coloured floor lamps especially!

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