The project is gaining momentum

Another day with builders here, our bedroom currently looks
like this… it’s hard to imagine it ever looking lovely! But it will.

I am determined to have a bedroom to rival any plush hotel
room. It will be more of a suite in the
end as we have knocked two rooms into one. 
Although I do feel a little worried when I keep hearing “hang on, watch
out, stop!
” from upstairs. I think I
should head out and come back when the beams are properly installed rather than
panic how the poor builders are coping.

On top of everything we are encountering unexpected additional costs. So I think to be fair when the room is ready we will have to leave the painting and flooring until next year!!! It can be a little disheartening feeling that because of money certain jobs will be on hold, but that’s the challenge you have when you take on a property that needs so much doing in one big chunk. We have had to secure the outside of the building first, ensuring its water tight and ready for winter, so a lot of the decorating work will have to wait till we can build up our funds again.

It’s not just the expense of preparing the room, our current bedroom furniture will be lost in this room, hubbie and I have always a small shared a wardrobe between us and we had no bedside cabinets as of yet. To stop ourselves rattling around in our room, we will need to invest in some new pieces eventually. I mentioned getting a bigger bed, but I would also like some more bespoke furniture, we are quite uniform at the moment, when we bought our wardrobe we bought four more for the boys. We show little flair when it comes to furniture picking. But I want something more unique, possibly reclaimed furniture that stands out a bit more. I love the range from Trade Furniture Company.

I am going to try and save as much money as possible from now on cutting back on our weekly food shop (its scary how big that gets!) and tightening our belt as much as possible. That combined with a search for money saving decorating tips my room might be ready that much sooner. Hubbie has quite a hit and miss approach with paint brushes, sometimes he cleans them other times he leaves them to get ruined! So we will have to learn to take better care of the brushes and paint pots. But for now our bank account is hemorrhaging and its quite scary!

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