Time To Start A #SpendingDiary

I was sent a very useful package to assist me in making
our money go further. It’s never been
as important as now; with a new house to renovate our money is stretched to
breaking point. I am hoping by writing
a spending diary as part of the campaign we can see where exactly the money is
going and what savings we can feasibly make.

I should imagine would be one of our biggest expenditures, we seem to spend a
small fortune every week in our local supermarket. The meal planner pad should hopefully bring more focus to our
food shopping. The thing I hate most at the end of the week is throwing out food we had not managed to finish or
use. So I plan to use my £50 Tesco gift
card with as much frugal resourcefulness possible to get the most out of it, all the
special offers and reduced bargains will be making their way into my trolley.

I also think entertainment of the boys costs a pretty penny. Today I made a conscious effort to enjoy as much free entertainment as possible. We made the most of the beautiful sunshine and played in my parent’s garden, even setting up a little tent outdoors. All of which is a considerable saving compared to our usual jaunt to a lovely attraction.

am looking forward to tracking our outgoings, I remember all our regular bills
it’s the extra’s that seem to get forgotten (all the cakes and ice creams the
boys pester for and the odd takeaway ordered when we cannot be bothered to
cook!) that give you a shock come the end of the month.

Wealth Chef book looks like helpful reading material to get more out of our
(limited) money. I certainly could do
with a quick education in achieving financial freedom. But it sounds like I am not the only one;
according to this interesting Wilson
Field article over one million families are struggling with problem debt! But rather than be yet another statistic I hope
making a real effort will improve our situation. Perhaps I should have read the
book before buying our new house, especially as we seem guilty of a hand to mouth existence already, instead of
saving manically! This campaign might
give me the push I need to change our lifestyle once and for all.

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