What the hens get up too?

I never had a hen night I was four months pregnant when I
got married, the wedding had actually been brought forward otherwise I would
have been absolutely huge! Sometimes I
do regret not squeezing in some kind of shindig but I was very busy incubating
my gorgeous eldest boy. I had other
more important priorities. I wonder if
I can have a belated hen night! I have
plenty of friends locally who would be happy with any excuse for a good knee’s
up, a chance to get the drink flowing and cover me in those lucid pink banners,
carrying round inflatable rude body parts… or dressed me as a pirate again like times of old!

have attended a fair few hen nights myself and they do seem a little on the
wild side, now I am 35 I am taming down. 
I would settle for a giant slice of cake, pot of tea and girly gossiping
session, hardly rock and roll I know. 
The hen night seems a rite of passage though a final blow out before you
focus on a life of domestic bliss.

I was with my ex, I had booked flights to Rome, lots of girlies coming with me
and it was going to be a mixture of drink with a bit of culture thrown in for
good measure! As it was we split up and
it did not seem quite fitting to go on a hen night somehow. So really I guess I am owned one. Not that I am sulking of course, reading
this blog article from Ladbrokes made me giggle it sounds like men are pretty clueless of the in’s and
outs of what we get up to from the planning to the actual event itself. I am with the 38% of women in the
infographic who do not want a stripper, the closest I get these days is paint
stripping and that suits me fine!!!

shocking 17% of men believe their partner is unfaithful! What a start to a beautiful marriage. Reading some of these statistics perhaps I
got off lightly not having a hen night! 
I would not have wanted my future hubbie being suspicious and untrusting
of me before we even started our marriage. Hen nights might well be massive but I think my moment has passed, I am not sure I could even afford to go on one at the moment, this article mentions how people have abandoned hen parties mid way through as they get too expensive. I think some brides just want to do everything!!! Fortunately I am overall fairly low maintenance.

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