World Blood Donor Day

This year Benenden are helping champion World Blood Donor Day on the 14th of June. They are focusing the campaign around “Safe blood for saving Mothers”, giving birth unfortunately is not always complication free. Sadly every day around 800 women die giving birth or with child-birth related complications which is heart breaking. Those women should be cradling their babies and enjoying the precious first moments of becoming a parent. Having two boys who I love dearly I could not imagine life without those cherished memories, being there to comfort them when they cried and rocking them gently off to sleep. 

So I am fully behind Benenden supporting them with this, if more people donated blood then lives will be saved. I am already an organ donor so I think its time I volunteered some of my blood as well. From what someone told me it’s quite an easy process and you usually get a biscuit afterwards (always a bonus!). Benenden also hosted a survey to learn more about people’s thoughts on blood donation. The data will hopefully shape the information out there for people, reassure their concerns and get more people donating!

Remarkably each pint of donated blood can help three people in need of blood, so you soon realize just how much you are helping with even the smallest of amounts. Sometimes giving can be hard, your pockets are not big enough for the number of needy charities out there. Life is tough with bills and the rising cost of food, but however little money you have you can help by donating blood. You can shine off your little halo and know your making a real difference!!! If it means just one more mother gets to raise their newborn it will be amazing!

Use the hashtag #gaveblood if you have donated blood and let’s help raise the profile of World Blood Donor Day!

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