A Dulux Sea Adventure #asifbymagic

Eldest has been waiting a long time to have his room
sorted, so it was lovely knowing we had a little extra surprise for him when he
could finally immerse himself into his sea adventure. His room has had a complete overhaul, initially it had an
en-suite and a separate storage area, both have been knocked out.

Then it has
been re-plastered (which made him happier again!) in those area’s before being painted. Magnolia is all well and good but it can be
a little dull, so I was thrilled he had more of a focal point with Bedroom in a
Box and the underwater theme.

was impressed with the sheer scale of the mural in the Dulux Bedroom in a Box. I thought it would have been much smaller as
it is your drawn into a vast beautiful underwater kingdom complete with all my son’s
favourite sea creatures. I was
pleasantly surprised at the speed hubbie managed to transform the room.

He has never papered before so I thought we
would struggle but he gained confidence with each piece of wallpaper.

By the final piece he was used to gently
getting rid of any bubbles and making sure it sat smoothly on the wall, all
lined up nicely. It’s helpful that each
of the 12 pieces are stacked in order so you progress the mural correctly.

kit comes complete with the mural, the wallpaper adhesive to stick it safely to
the wall and suitable coloured paint to compliment the mural (for the walls and
skirting boards). You will need a brush
for pasting and for painting, you can order brushes through the Dulux website
when you place your order.

overall finished look with the matching paint and mural I should imagine is
quite striking. As it happens the room
is only “almost” complete, hubbie is now laying the wooden floors and then the
skirting will be added. I hope he
manages it before bedtime, as it will be fabulous having the boys in a separate
room to us!!! As adorable as they can
be (when it suits them) we all need a little space now and then.

think the set is well worth £70 and youngest has been debating over which set
he would like for his room. Although
for his room we have to fix a leak or two first (sigh the joys of an old
house!). It was such a satisfying
feeling though seeing the wall mural go up today, it really makes it feel like
our house is becoming a home. The boys
can settle in and it’s just the tonic for me getting a little de-motivated
about the renovating.

Here is a tiny video of my son’s first impressions of his new room:

were provided with a Bedroom in a Box for the purposes of this review by Dulux and Tots100. You can find out more about the Bedroom in a Box
range on Facebook, Twitter,YouTube and Pinterest.

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