Baylis & Harding Competition

It’s that time of year again; the summer holidays are fast
approaching. Now I realise how
unprepared I am for the summer holidays and suddenly appreciate all the hard
work and effort the teachers have put in. 
Actually I have been very lucky my boys really seem settled in their current classes and really liked their allocated teachers. I always make a point of thanking both the teachers and the
teachers assistants at Christmas and the end of the school year, after all I
want to stay in their good books! They
provide a vital role in my boys education.

usually tend to stick to chocolate but having been introduced to Baylis & Harding through my blog, I
might give pampering themed gifts a try this time round. After all not everyone appreciates a lot of chocolate (especially
if your trying to be good and stop eating so much, I am awful in the face of
temptation I fold every time and eat the dangled chocolate in front of me swiftly!!!).

offer for one lucky winner is two prizes, for the man of the house (or school!)
a citrus & lime 4 piece gift set and for the lucky lady a strawberries
& cream diffuser.

I especially love
these diffusers they fragrance the air beautifully and enrich home life. I think either of these would go down well
with your teachers, a welcome treat to end a busy
school year.

The good thing about
Baylis & Harding is the price; you can indulge your teachers but not feel
the pinch too much! If you would like to enter the giveaway please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 4th of August.

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236 thoughts on “Baylis & Harding Competition

    1. Bayliss & Harding do make some lovely luxury products so it would be great to be able to treat my better half as well as myself with this prize. Fingers crossed hoping for a little bit of luck to come my way now.

  1. Very nice price and such lovely presentation.The strawberries and cream diffuser makes me fancy some strawberries and cream.I bet it smells lovely.

  2. I love Baylis and Harding gifts sets i got one from my brother for my birthday, i would love to win this to give my other half for our Anniversary next month so he can try it

  3. WOW – this is amazing. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Would love this as I know someone (who doesn't get treated too often) would appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  4. What a great prize to win! We'd love the strawberries and cream diffuser as we have a collection of them around our house 🙂

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