Charley Says Returns

You probably remember this safety film from your own
childhood (the 1970’s and 1980’s) it had a lot of important messages captured
in a way that appealed to children. I
am glad to see it has been re-launched with the help of David Walliams, I was always a fan of Charley the cat,
who again is the voice of reason when the well-meaning boy tries to be caring
for his mum but in a dangerous way.

I am definitely going to show the video to my two as I am
risk adverse, they want to do more to help and I do worry, so at least if they
have seen the video they will be more aware of the perils. We all want to foster independence but in a
well managed way.

I think often children are more willing to listen to other
people than their own parents. They
learn to blank out some of what we have to say unfortunately! But if it’s a cartoon presented like this
video their attention is gripped and they digest the important safety
concerns. My dad always says when they
have done it once they will know not to do it again, but I would rather they
did not learn from a bad experience but rather from being educated about
danger, especially when you consider the huge number of people injured by electricity daily.

In the video we see the risks of overloading energy
sockets and poor Charley burning his paws to protect his friend. You can watch it for yourself on the
Electrical Safety First website. It’s a good talking point to start your
children thinking about the hazards around them.

We have just moved house and have had a qualified
electrician check out the sockets to make sure the house is safe for the
boys. There is also plenty of useful
information on the Electrical Safety First website to prevent
overloading of sockets, if you see any signs of burning or damage proceed
with caution.

You can also check out the calculator below to make sure your not guilty of overloading your sockets, as you need to set a good example for your children. In my office it says that the total load is 13amps so I have some idea about what the plugs can tolerate and can ensure the appliances do not go over the maximum load. 

The Socket Calculator has been brought to you by Electrical Safety First.
For more safety information visit

I really hope to see more of these video’s as its such a trip down memory lane whilst spreading a valuable message.

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