Cloggs Review

With two short weeks until the school year ends and then a
summer holiday that will pass in a whirl of activity no doubt I usually find
myself thinking about back to school uniform and shoes very last minute! So this year I was glad to have the
opportunity to review a pair of school shoes and be somewhat more prepared than
usual. Hopefully it might make me order
the rest of their items that much sooner.

were sent the Geox William 2 Strap
school shoes from Cloggs. They seem
very well made and pretty sturdy, which is what I need for mine. They are continually scuffing their shoes on
something, banging the fronts into fences and walls, dragging them along
pavements… basically you get the idea they do not look after their shoes!

tend to try and spend less as their shoes need replacing so often, but that
might actually be a false economy and spending that little bit more will
hopefully give a better quality shoe that can cope with life with the
boys. I think these ones by Geox look
up for the challenge. Eldest was given
the honour of having them and he wore them straight to school the next day, so
much for my hopes to have a shiny new pair for September. Thankfully though they are in good condition
still so I can get away without buying an extra set for the new school year. A sigh of relief from me, with the house
draining our every last penny!

found them comfortable to wear, it was nice seeing him looking so smart for a
change as he tends to want to wear multicoloured trainers usually (the school
have quite a laid back attitude about footwear!). Geox are quite advanced with their signature microporous membrane
to allow feet to breathe, ideal for the hot weather especially! So all in all I was very pleased of our
first experience of Cloggs and Geox school shoes.

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