Drumond Park Pumpaloons Competition

There are some great games out for kids. I love ones that get them a bit more active
and burning off some energy, Pumpaloons is one of those types of games. It also has quite a competitive edge as you
keep jumping manically to pump up your colourful figure before your

We reviewed the game back in
March last year and you can read how we got on here,
suffice to say it’s a fabulous game, looking back at the pictures I can’t quite
believe how much my youngest has grown. 
Anyway this is the perfect workout for all children, as kids seem to
have considerably more energy than their poor parents!

You can push, leap on or just squish
the pump whatever it takes to stay in the lead and get your character fully
blown up before the other player. Fully
inflated the figures look like friendly clowns, so they are quite interesting
in their own right.

For £19.99 it’s a
useful game ready for those LONG summer holidays when keeping up with your kids
can be hard work and nothing sort of exhausting. You can find out more about the game from the Drumond Park website.

If you would like to enter to win your own game simply
complete the rafflecopter below by the 25th of July. The lucky winner and their family will have
lots of fun playing this.
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116 thoughts on “Drumond Park Pumpaloons Competition

  1. Leave a comment on my blog why you would like to win (or on my facebook page)
    l would give the prize to my grandsons and l would then be officially nominated as SuperGran lol

  2. never mind the kids, would love one to help reduce the baby tyre – wonder how many calories you could lose if you try to pump really fast….

  3. I would love to win this game for my daughter's birthday party to help keep all the kids entertained. This looks like a really fun game.

  4. i would love to win….because its the summer holidays starting on thursday…..and i NEED something to keep my monkeys occupied this summer x
    christy golding

  5. Every time my daughter sees the advert on tv, she goes crazy asking for it. I can see lots of use with this game

  6. I have 3 little boys….and six weeks of summer holidays!!

    I know i'm not alone in this but I thought i'd try my luck and these would definitely keep them occupied! Fingers crossed 🙂 X

  7. my daughter loves all things like this. She has an inflatable bed at my mums house and she has so much fun inflating it. This would be great, her birthday is coming up soon and she'll be 3 🙂 This would be a lovely surprise 😀

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