Fruit Shoot Jams Review and Competition

was kindly sent a summer holiday package from Fruit Shoot to celebrate the
launch of their new jams.

My boys were
excited to try them but did not want to wait for toast for breakfast, so they
insisted we had some over ice cream straight away! I loved the format with the squeezy bottle it made it easy to
pour out all over our sundaes. As a
dessert topping they are sweet and fruity and a nice change from our regular
ice cream sauces, especially as they have 45% fruit, so they have to be a
better alternative to chocolate or bubble gum sauce anyway!!!

The following morning youngest was keen to decorate his
toast with Fruit Shoot jam, its very easy as the bottle can be managed by a
child, although it might be best to stay in the room with them whilst they are
jamming the toast, otherwise they are very generous in their portion
size!!! Look at ALL the hair my son’s
toast has! Any excuse to cram as much
delicious jam on to his toast as possible.

My two already drink Fruit Shoot bottles so obviously they
were keen to see the branded jam too. I
know jam generally is quite sweet but like anything a bit of what you like in
moderation is a good thing surely. Plus
these bottles are meant to have 30% less sugar than standard jams and
marmalades, so if your children are insisting on a sensible sized portion of
jam on their toast I am happy for them to reach for this squeezy jam. It can also help encourage them to eat new
foods like porridge or natural yoghurt, as the flavoursome jam is a lovely

After you have finished your jam you can wash out the
bottle and enjoy a make shift water squirter, I love the versatility of squeezy
Fruit Shoot jam! We will be trying this
once we have worked our way through the three flavours.

Fruit Shoot has certainly brought lots of enjoyment to
the breakfast table and livened up our puddings with their jam. Seeing as we liked them so much I wanted to
offer my followers the chance to win a set of the three flavours (Strawberry
& Summer Fruits, Apple & Blackcurrant and Orange). If you would like to enter please leave a
comment below by the 9th of August.

183 thoughts on “Fruit Shoot Jams Review and Competition

  1. I'd like to enter please, these look really interesting and it's the first time I've seen them. My boys love fruit shoots to drink so I'm sure they would be quite drawn in by the branding on this too, and as you say it can be handy to put on new foods to encourage them lol

  2. I would love to win. Seems great product :- versatile (jam, fruit sauce for ice-cream). With ease of use, as squeezy container.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Wow, this sounds really interesting. My great-niece would thoroughly enjoy every part of this. Her favourite thing at the moment is water. We fill her paddling pool up and does she go in it? No, she uses her toy watering can and waters every one, lol But would enjoy the jam first. lol

  4. Love these, there is a fair amount of fruit in them. Enough to make sure they are getting some vit c and not all sugar. Great for little ones. Love the water squirter idea! Nice for a cool down!

  5. My husband loves jam on toast & my twin grandchildren have followed in his footsteps, so a few jars get emptied in our house. These sound very tasty – fingers crossed.

  6. These looks like they could be great fun! Love the fact they have less sugar than standard jam too.


  7. Wow looks yummy, never seen them until now im sure my children as well as myself would enjoy them as much as the fruit shoot drinks.

  8. I Spend a small fortune on fruit shoot drinks,so if theyre anything to go by their Jam will be Fantastic!What a Lovely Giveaway,thank-You so much Angel X(carroll Marsh)

  9. These look super scrumptious and the fact they are in the bottles is great for getting children involved 🙂 @mariajkknight

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