Learning to #drivehappy with Febreze

tend travel in the car a lot often through blog opportunities to see various
attractions, sometimes I vow that the latest journey is our last as the bouts
of travel sickness and in car fighting can get tiresome after awhile. This year alone we have ventured to Alton
Towers, Legoland, Chessington, Harry Potter Studio Tour, Thorpe Park and
Ironbridge, so you can imagine we have gotten many miles in with that little

Youngest also went through a stage of refusing to get into
the car, he said the smell of it made him feel ill… it was a new car smell and
he could not tolerate it at all, of all the smells to dislike typically a clean
modern car was not to his liking. In
the end we had to make sure we had a suitable air freshener to mask the
smell. We picked out one of the range
from Febreze and never looked back thankfully!

how much time we have spent in the car, I was thrilled to be sent a #drivehappy
package, anything to make our time as a family more enjoyable.

Our journeys start off quite fun but as we
live so far from civilisation every trip seems to take an average of four
hours, so the boys understandably do get a little bored. We are grateful for the travel games in the
package and the CD of 100 songs to keep us all entertained. Plus we will have a nice smelling trip with
a Febreze CAR vent clip keeping everything fresh. Youngest seems to have turned a corner and is not getting as
travel sick as he was, at worst we would usually stop five or six times but
lately its gone down to one or two at most. 
I think all those car miles have got him used to the motion of the car

have been chronicling various car journeys on their youtube channel,
well worth a watch, you can see what challenges their air freshener had to
face. It is very entertaining… the air freshener managed to mask six boxes
of grotty rubbish. Would you be brave
enough to travel in the Febreze car?!?

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