My Meaningful Melodies

can have such a positive effect on your life, when your feeling a little down
in the dumps putting your favourite tune on full
blast can cheer you up again or remind you of a special time in your life,
because of this I was keen to take part in the Hidden Hearing’s Meaningful Melodies Competition.

The tune I prefer most of all
has to be Snow Patrol Chasing Cars, it is the song that got hubbie and I
through our long distance relationship. 
We were missing each other dreadfully and only seeing each other for
brief moments every few weeks. When I
hear it now I feel nostalgic and remember fondly the beginning of our
relationship together and think of the wonderful life we have built together.

Hakuna Matata from the Lion King soundtrack still
reminds me of my college friend who sadly died in a car accident. It was a song that he was always singing, he
was a happy guy and it suited him perfectly. 
It was played at his funeral and still to this day if I hear it I think
of him and feel sad he was snatched away so young, but the music helped lift us
all when we felt distressed and made us focus on the good memories. More people could benefit from a Hakuna Matata philosophy on life.

Prodigy Firestarter takes me
back to all the great nights out with my friends when I was at university, it
was a song that got us in the mood to go out in the first place and enjoy
ourselves. I even wrote an essay or two
in the middle of the night with a bit of background noise courtesy of Prodigy
to keep me going. I could not take the
taste of red bull so loud music had the same effect keeping me going to meet
university deadlines… (I am surprised I am not hard of hearing!).

Texas in Demand would be in my top five, just because it brings back a time when my best friend and I lived on the same dorm and had lots of fun together, we went to a Texas concert and missed our train because we decided we did not want to leave the concert early so then it was quite an adventure getting home again! It was the middle of the night and we were considering our options, yet somehow having stayed for the whole concert seemed worth it! Nowadays you would not catch me wondering around train platforms late at night. I am too much a creature of habit and comfort, although if it meant I could have a then dance scene with Alan Rickman (pre Snape days!) I might be convinced…

I know its not quite the time to mention Christmas but I love songs that remind me of that special time of the year. I always dust off my Christmas CD at the first opportunity, so I can eat my mince pies accompanied with a bit of Slade Merry Xmas Everyone! I love all the trimmings of that time of year, I am not even offended when I hear the shops playing songs. I still think it builds up the big day before it passes in a blur and we have to wait 12 months again!

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