My reward for surviving the summer holidays

Well the long summer holidays are rolling out before us, I have mixed feelings of trepidation and excitement that we do not have to rush out the door by 9am! It will be nice to have a break from all the after school activities and have a slower pace of life for those precious seven weeks off school. I have started making some plans for what we will do, I was thinking at least one craft project a week and am hoping to feature it on my blog! But whether I do is another matter all together, it’s easy to be full of good intentions. Although as long as the boys can enjoy each other’s company for more than five minutes I can survive this!

Hubbie will be working mainly so he misses the lion’s share of the childcare. I grumble when its tough and they are fighting but when I am apart from them I miss them dreadfully! So I am going to do my best to appreciate having them home for the holidays. Luckily I have been sent a trampoline to review so that will be a big help and hopefully burn off some of their energy…

I think I should be able to badger hubbie for an extra special treat for me if I manage it. It sounds like I am not the only one that can find the long holiday tough, I was reading this article and remarkably it can even lead to divorce! I am going to have to explain to the boys about money and say they cannot have everything, we will have the occasional treat but most of our entertainment will be free, walks, bike rides and visiting friends (for a extra little support when I need it especially as they all have kids too!) and maybe the odd glass of restorative wine!

I think sometimes the boys are a little spoilt for having had so much off the blog so they have learnt to expect more and given our new house we have other financial commitments to worry about.

However whilst I am breaking down the holidays to bite sized pieces for the boys with lovely things to do along the way, I should do the same for myself! After week one perhaps I could crack open a box of choccies (we had some lovely presents from our new house party!), then continuing on with pampering presents for myself (I still have some face masks at home) until the grand finale of a new watch, something a bit vintage from George Pragnell possibly so it stands out. I think I will pitch my plan to hubbie tonight, project spoil his wife rotten… wish me luck in my campaign.

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