Raising Awareness About Beauty Burns

I am not a very girly girl, so my straighteners mainly
stay in my drawer out of sight, along with make up and all the other trimmings
I should use to make myself more presentable but never find the time to

On the very rare occasion I do straighten my hair it would
be when the boys are already tucked up in bed. 
But I know lots of people use them in the mornings or during the day
when their children are up and about. I
never realised that straighteners actually take up to 40 minutes to cool down,
so in that time left unattended they are a real danger to young inquisitive

Children are particularly vulnerable to burns because
their skin is up to 15 times thinner than adults something I have only just
learnt from the article on the Electrical
Safety First website and given that hair straighteners can reach
temperatures of over 220°C its vitally important to remain vigilant.

Sadly one in ten burns for children are a result of hair
straighteners; so if you really do need to use them make sure you leave them
adequate time to cool down in a suitably safe place to protect curious hands
from harm. You can buy special
heatproof pouches to contain the straighteners after use. I admittedly do not have one, but I think
they are a clever idea and a worthwhile buy if you use straighteners with any
regularity. ghd have a gorgeous one
on their website, so being safe can also make you super stylish!

I have accidentally burnt myself just straightening my
hair and getting the hot plate too close to my hand. It really did hurt, so I am glad to promote this campaign to
hopefully prevent children stumbling upon unattended straighteners and doing
even more damage. Lets pass on the message,
as it’s easy enough to change our habits to reduce burns from electrical beauty

You can also watch their video with a doll and crying
in the background because the doll has been badly burnt. I am not the best with dolls so I have not
embedded it, but watching it does bring home the risks of beauty burns. Electrical Safety First certainly know how best to make you realise the importance of sensible precautions when using electrical appliances.

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