Returning to Portugal

We all holidayed in Portugal last year and it’s all the boys go on about. I have been reliably informed its there most favourite holiday ever, but when I ask why I just get “just is, I don’t know why…”

I am guessing its because we had the lovely weather and the ice cream choices over there were so much more appealing. At the time of our visit (September) we had just put an offer on another house so hubbie had me on a tight budget of sticking to free activities (the beach, parks and swimming pool) and a small amount for eating out at lunchtime and buying ice creams. This meant I did not get to do what I really love and visit attractions, boo hiss, I would not have minded but we lost out to someone with a bigger offer in the end anyway!!!

When we go back, which is inevitable hearing the boys talk, I want to go to Zoomarine, as everyone I know who has been to Portugal raves about it. The park has so much to do it even sounds like we might need to free up a couple of days just to get round it all. The Dolphin show in particular sounds like a highlight not to be missed or you can spend a little bit more on an exclusive package so your children can get closer to them. 

I also wish we had visited Parque Zoologico de Lagos (we were actually closer to Lagos so I should have pleaded to hubbie!) as reading on trip advisor its sounds a lovely place to take your children to get close to wildlife. Also the animals actually looked happy in their surroundings, which is always what you want to hear when you’re a nature lover and picking our suitable places to head too. 

I was looking on the Monarch website and getting an idea when best to travel for the high temperatures for our return visit, we had good weather don’t get me wrong but we also had quite a cool breeze off the coast last time. I think if we moved inland I think we would hopefully avoid that and also be closer to the attractions I so want to see. 

Fingers crossed next year we can dust off the passports again and let the boys have their wish to fly to Portugal again.

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