Revell Nano Quad Review

boys were pleased to see this toy arrive, I thought it would be somewhat of a
novelty something they are intrigued by but then possibly lose interest, but
how wrong was I the little helicopter is actually rather fabulous. Please do not let the size put you off,
despite being the worlds smallest Quadrocopter its also very smart. It has achieved two best toy awards and I totally see why. It is light too, so easy to pick up and

Our main problem though was getting daddy to let the boys
have a turn, it is a big boy toy one aimed for 15+ age users really but one the whole family can enjoy
watching in action and sharing if you can get the grownup’s to relinquish

controls are quite delicate but you do get the hang off it eventually, even the
boys enjoyed having a go although they need to work on their patience. But I would think an older child would
benefit from having one of these the most, as they would master the controls
quicker and be able to do it entirely on there own. Mind you I do think younger children will just be thrilled seeing
it fly along or hovering, the manoeuvrability
is quite something, it’s a sophisticated piece of kit. If you look carefully can you spot the nano quad in the picture!

is hard to get decent pictures of it mid flight, as it is so fast! It’s great for outdoors just be careful
where you fly it off too or perhaps keep it indoors if the wind is too strong
(a big gust and the light helicopter might disappear and this is one toy you do
not want to vanish!). We did not do a
night flight, but I bet the lights would look lovely then as it darts around
the sky.

had a couple of crashes into the floor and the helicopter survived admirably
(it does come with four spare propellers but we have not needed these yet!); it
seems quite robust for such a tiny gadget. I am astonished Revell have come
up with such impressive technology in this tiny package. The battery life is not long, but you can keep topping it up with
the USB charger provided for the Quad itself. 
The controller meanwhile takes separate AAA batteries. I think this toy will be on a few Christmas lists this year.

You can watch a video of the Nano Quad in flight on the BBC news site and you can find Revell Control models available from and all good retailers. For details visit, @RevellGermany or

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