Soreen Transforming You’re Baking

We are big fans of Soreen here, we never do anything
particularly exciting with it as we tend to eat it too fast to be honest! But I know you can incorporate their
products into tasty recipes for greater foodie enjoyment. I have been watching the video below of one
such recipe, to use Soreen as a base for chocolate flapjacks, don’t they look delicious!

I can imagine that would be quite a filling
snack and something I might have to try over the summer holidays to keep us fuelled
up and ready for adventure. My boys are always grumbling they are hungry but Soreen products seem to curb those constant complaints better than most snacks.

Having seen the video it looks like something I could manage even with my very basic culinary ability, its very clearly explained and I think hubbie would be amazed if I produced a plate of these for him after a long day at work. I love how the recipe includes time for you to have a cup of tea! It looks like a recipe any one could try there hand too and I bet the fruity Soreen special ingredient gives the flapjack a wonderful texture.

Now I have watched the video I think I will be inspired to include Soreen in my baking more regularly! It pays to experiment obviously given the success of this recipe. Hands up who is rushing off to the supermarket to stock up on squishy Soreen Malt Loaf, what will you be creating this lazy Sunday?

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