Sorting out the boys bedroom

Well it’s already come on heaps and bounds with the gorgeous Dulux mural I reviewed, its amazing how many lumps and bumps a mural of that size can hide! We did not have the budget to re-plaster completely, so are placing furniture as strategically as possible to cover the worst areas.

Considering this room will eventually just be for eldest it is quite spacious without the en-suite and storage cupboard taking up a big chunk of the space. With my youngest relocates eldest will have yet more floor to fill!

I have added a sneaky television I always said I would not as you read online articles about it impacting your child’s academic performance, but given we do not have a living room sorted at the moment its nice to offer them somewhere for a little gaming session if the weather turns (my concession for the summer holidays!). Once the living room is up and running I will try and sneak the television back out, although I wonder if I will have a battle on my hands when I attempt that…

Eldest is unimpressed that he has Mickey bedding; I am still trying to track down the Moshi bedding I ordered ready for our move. It will be somewhere amongst all the unopened boxes that need sorting, that I just do not have the energy to face… yet! It’s amazing how quick they grow up Mickey was everything a while ago, now he is dismissed for other characters. I will probably have to refresh their towel collection soon, seeing as we still have a Peppa Pig George one somewhere!

As you can see from the picture the boys single beds are wooden and when I sit of an evening for story time my poor head clonks against it.

It’s not that comfortable when you want to lounge in bed relaxing. Our bed is one of those faux leather affairs so we have a lovely headboard to sit up and unwind in bed then. I have been looking at getting them a faux leather headboard to match my own so they can take it easy over the summer. For one sometimes they knock themselves so hard they jump awake in the night and frankly I like it when my little cherubs sleep through the night minus any disruptions. So if it means adding some padding to their headboards so be it, it’s a small price to pay for a good night sleep.

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