SparkUp: The Magical Book Reader Review and Competition

was pleased when this product arrived as it was in excellent timing for Children’s
Book Week (30th June to 4th of July). It is that
time of year to celebrate everything to do with reading and this clever little
device fits in nicely with encouraging children to read.

Admittedly when I first agreed to review I do not think I
quite knew what to expect, but because it was to do with reading I jumped at
the chance. Once it arrived and I read
the user guide it soon became clear and I loved the concept of SparkUp even more.

are all about promoting reading here; the boys both have subscriptions to
Reading Chest and Reading Eggs. So I am
always keen to see what else there is available to further their reading
ability and foster a genuine love of books. 
I was a proper bookworm as a child and I think I would have had a lot of
fun with a SparkUp device.

a love of reading is so important from a young age and vital really to help
develop your child’s literacy skills and enhance their ability to take in new
information from the world around them (eldest is always reading signs and
notice boards as he goes about his day). 
I think it has helped him at school, as he came home today with a
wonderful end of year report. I am very
proud of him.

find engaging youngest with books can be harder though; his attention is easily
drawn away by the smallest distraction. 
But he was curious about the SparkUp, he was drawn to the big green lit
up button for one and wanted to press it to see what would happen! It was relatively self-explanatory to record
the story; you have the option to re-record the content on a particular page if
your not happy with how it sounded (you might want to roar a little louder or
generally add more passion to your story telling!). Or you can also find people walking in mid recording to ask you a
question (my mum did this a few times!).

works with any books, you just clip SparkUp to the back cover and beginning at
the front read through the story recording it page by page. The intelligent camera watches as you turn
the pages and remembers each one. We
tried tricking it and skipping pages but each and every time it knew exactly
where it should be in the story when we played back the recording.

device can store up to 50 books, which is very impressive given its size. You do need the actual book when you settle
down to listen to the recording. I
think it’s a fantastic way for children to hear all their favourite people at
bedtime. The boys only see their nanny
and granddad once a year, so we could have them record a story or two that the
boys can then listen to and remember their voices.

a huge plus for me is sometimes I really need five minutes whether its to make
a phone call or answer some correspondence, but getting the boys to sit still
and be quiet is tricky! Now I have the
perfect solution I can get youngest to listen to stories independently. Eldest actually recorded one story for his
brother which I thought was kind of him, so between the pair of them SparkUp
has kept them suitably entertained.

Eldest got to grips with it quite easily.

Enjoying the story together

you would like to win a SparkUp of your own please kindly fill out the
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