Staying closer to home

I am proud to be British, we have so many beautiful places
to visit, the boys, hubbie and I have been extremely lucky that we have had the
chance to visit so many partly through reviewing attractions for my blog. Plus with the cost of plane tickets it’s
just so much more feasible to stay in the UK when holidaying.

I am not alone in my love of the wonderful British landscape, Parkdean are keen to support an
admiration for it too. They have come
up with quite an interesting quiz
to see if you can tell the difference between a landscape from home and one
from abroad. The results were quite
surprising really it goes to show that the majority of people who completed the
survey muddle up the images. The
beautiful Dorset coastline on a sunny day can easily be mistaken for a more
tropical location abroad.

found it very hard myself picking from the two pictures which was one from
home, they both offered similar things, sandy beaches, picturesque backdrops
and quaint fishing boats. It’s certainly
given me an education on holidays; I have a few ideas where I would like to
head to next and it will be a relief not having to entertain the boys on
another flight! Least we can stop in
the car and stretch our legs, burn off some of the boys energy in a park then
hop back in. On the plane I had my work
cut out with them!!!

be honest given we have so many wonderful places on our doorstep there is no
real need to venture further a field and have the cost and hassle of arranging
travels abroad. If we have good weather
you cannot beat a British holiday. We
have done so many different things in the UK, the boys have built sandcastles,
had donkey rides, been on nature hunts, explored caves, and visited many a beautiful
garden and historic building with the National Trust.

I even dragged them round a museum for Iron the other day,
although that did not cause much of a reaction for any of us! Overall I would be hard pressed to think of
family activities we are missing out on by not going abroad more regularly.

(weather permitting) you will find me enjoying the beauty that the UK has to

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