#StressFreeHoliday Our Experience and Competition

I have stumbled through week one of the summer holidays; we have been to the
circus, a fair, had friends over and had the paddling pool out as much as
possible. The boys both had early
morning swimming lessons for the first week those finished on Friday, it was a
good start to the day as it got us up and out earlier and it was lovely seeing
them making progress. Gym club
continues for youngest one day a week so it’s nice to still have something
organised he can go to regularly and see his friends.

overall yes the summer holidays are stressful and mainly very expensive. My boys badger for this, that and
everything! A trip outside the house is
an onslaught of requests for “things” or “snacks”. So it was fabulous to keep them home one day to get through a
wonderful package from stressfreeprint.

They must have heard me rocking in a corner and thought I needed back up! Fortunately the contents of the delivery did
aid me in creating a #StressFreeHoliday. 
I have lots of ideas from the book to get crafting, the boys are looking forward to their ice lollies setting and we have planted the
seeds. They can also give it a go at playing action photographers with the disposable camera.

know full well we have to hang on and treasure every moment with our children
as they grow up so quickly! But at the
same time I hold my hand up and admit it can be hard, my two like fighting so
structured activities that focus their minds help considerably. I also know that if our veggies actually grow
the boys will be immensely proud because they did that!

My dad even came to help the other day; he
was my knight in shining armour trying to distract the boys from their
one-upmanship competitions and petty squabbles. I love my boys but gosh it can be tough being at home all the
time. So I think stressfreeprint are my
new best friends for giving me the entertainment they needed to stop wrestling
for an afternoon!

you would like to win the exact same kit to enjoy with your children and
hopefully get some peace in the process then please kindly fill out the
rafflecopter below by the 20th of August.

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149 thoughts on “#StressFreeHoliday Our Experience and Competition

  1. Going on a day out once a week,something local,then doing things like visiting family,going swimmig, to the park, meetin up wih friends

  2. Do a little research and then take the kids on a local walk/treasure hunt looking at the local history and sights. You can also make it a nature hunt. If you've found out whats in the area already then it's a great way to pass the knowledge onto your kids.

  3. We have lots of jigsaw puzzles and colouring books for when the weathers rubbish but when its nice we like to go for walks down by the canal with our dogs or play football in the garden. x

  4. We pick a letter per week and find as many activities, stories, foods etc we can that begin with that letter – it turns into a combination of a treasure hunt and a learning adventure – we even do silly things like a google image search for the letter to see how many different ways there are of writing it!

  5. Take them swimming or if your close to the beach like me swimming in the sea, fishing in rock pools and crabbing keeps them happy for hours, for indoor fun play doh all the way!

  6. enjoy your children and make an "I'm bored" jar so if they get to a point where they feel bored then they take out 1 piece of paper from the jar. Every single piece of paper will have an activity printed on it (they can be fun activities or not so fun chores, etc)

  7. Take the kids out into the countryside, beach or even local park. Take a ball, a rug, few sandwiches and drinks and there you have a cheap day out and the fresh air and exercise makes your children fitter and sleep better! If it is wet, encourage them to help you bake a pie for dinner or a cake for tea – you would have been doing it anyway so another money saving activity!

  8. Invest in a big paddling pool and get some water guns as all kids love water play, trips to the park with a picnic doesn't cost anything and arrange a day trip out once a week

  9. so far we have been to local summer fair, had picnics in the park, baked cupcakes, done painting nails & facepacks and we plan to do stick n glue fun this week 🙂

  10. Don't be afraid to stay home! Carpet picnics, movie afternoons with hot chocolate and popcorn, den building, water fights, treasure hunts and decorating cookies/cupcakes are all good fun for little ones! And free or cheap!


  11. We try and do something different and learn something new every day, treasure hunts, days out, playing in the garden, DVDs, making up plays/stories and then keep a diary/scrapbook of everything that we have done 🙂

  12. me and my mum spend a week in the holidays with my daughter doing quality mum and daughter time. we visit the zoo, go on walks, go to the park, lots of time out and about 🙂

  13. Remember that the best things don't always cost the most. I bought my niece a huge chalking pencil from the supermarket that cost me £3. It occupied her the whole afternoon!

  14. My kids will spend hours painting so make sure you have old clothes around or aprons and newspaper to guard your table and minimise the mess.

  15. Can't beat a little picnic out in the countryside but paddling pools and sandpits are great if you can't get out. Books to read, jigsaws, board games, colouring pencils, paints and paper and maybe the odd DVD are all essential for wet weather entertainment.

  16. We had a BBQ and kids helped me put some decorations up round the garden "they'd made" I love the comment with the idea of a "I'm bored jar" brilliant I'm going to make one

  17. Pamela says – PLAN AHEAD and invest time in researching what is available for free / cheap days out. Get friends without kids who would like to be involved, or other family members, to take them out etc.

  18. Try to keep the kids busy, occupied. Ideally plan ahead with a variety of activities. As some are dependent on good weather e.g. picnic outdoors. Whilst arts and crafts can be great fun indoors (so useful for rainy days etc). Be prepared with arts and crafts items, games etc.

    Rachel Craig

  19. Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.( Hide and seek or Tag in the woods) Plenty of fresh air and exercise = healthy happy children who sleep well!

  20. we go on walks looking for new wildlife and have a picnic. We pretend were adventures and have got lost and then try and find our way home its always hours of fun 😀

  21. Get them to keep a treasure book so they can keep track on what they find. Its great to record bug hunts and see how it changes each day, plus they can draw pictures of things they find too.

  22. Have plenty of movies to watch together as a family, invest in a new board game, plan ahead for days out and spread them out… We find that a couple of days indoors and then a day or two out and about works well as the kids don't get time to get bored x

  23. Take them to as many activities that they'd enjoy as possible. And when not going to things, a paddling pool if the weather's good or crafts for bad weather. My daughter always loves making things from salt-dough, which is cheap and easy to do, but gives her loads of enjoyment.

  24. We have collated a huge craft box of items which I pick up throughout the year when I spot random things on offer…. at least on cold / rainy days they are kept quite for ages.
    On sunny days mine love building dens and having a 'picnic' lunch outdoors x

  25. Remember kids do need to learn to amuse themselves, make sure they have resources and time to explore things for themselves, times when they get to do and choose what they want, by themselves.

  26. We go geocaching..it's free you need a gps (although ive heard of people using coordinate maps) just go to geocaching.com sign up and download coordinates. There are millions of these caches all round and many near by. basically if no one knows caches are normally little hidden pots that you sign a logbook to say you found it , but others are bigger and have treasures of travel keys to pass around. Take a picnic its great and you find things you wouldn't have found before.

  27. working in the garden, normally i will allow my son to help me when he gets bored he will skoot around with the dog and if all else fails pack up huice and snacks take dog for a walk, if weather is bad get wellies on and slash in the puddles along with the dog x

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