tidy books Family Organiser Review and Competition

was so excited to be sent a tidy books Family Organiser and Notice Board
(Β£54.95) to review, let’s just say I am renowned amongst my friends for being
very scatty. I struggle to remember
playdates and appointments. Us parents
have so much to remember in my defence, pre-kids we just had to fend for
ourselves now I have to remember a social calendar of two very busy little
boys. They are always off to a friend’s
house, the park or to a party.

This fabulous item gives me some hope of remembering where
we should be and when! I can write
notes up with the wipe clean pen, I can attach letters with the handy magnets
or I can just hang up nicely the boys bags so I know where they are come the
mad school rush! I really cannot think
of something handier for a worn out parent to own, well aside from a magical
tonic to make me less tired perhaps! I
feel I can finally get my life in some kind of order now; it’s easy to see why
a mum designed this item.

picked the organiser in red but it also comes in blue, natural wood and white,
so easy to co-ordinate it with the colours in your chosen room. I love the red it is bold and stylish although I have had to take pictures with my youngest
showing it in his arms rather than attached to a wall; it will take pride and place in our kitchen as soon as
it’s had a lick of paint. Currently we
are still mid renovation and I would not want my lovely new organiser getting
dusty before it finds its permanent residence. 
Youngest decided what would be on the organiser for the picture, but it
does go to show how much space you have on there for lots of different things.

tested the wipe clean capabilities of the board and it was as good as new with
a quick wipe. So it’s a really useful
way to write different notes depending what you need to remember at a particular
time, then you can wipe them off and start afresh when you next need too.

The lipped shelf is a good place to put the
things you always mislay and can never track down when you need them, school
dinner money envelopes, your purse, even your mobile! I spent half an hour trying to find my mobile today before I
unboxed my lovely organiser. So
hopefully having it in my life should free up lots more time.

have been kindly offered another Family Organiser in your choice of colour to
giveaway, if you would like to enter then please complete the rafflecopter
below by the 29th of July.

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  1. Already follow on Facebook and Twitter, love their products, so child friendly but stylish too. Anything thatpromotes reading and books to children is great in my eyes, my daughters both love books! πŸ™‚

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