Time To Try My Luck!

With the house having a complete and utter overhaul and the bank looking pretty much empty I am scouring the Internet for competitions for any home-related prizes. My friend over at 92three30.com seems blessed with the lucky gene as she is always making me go green with envy with her long string of wins. If I was a home interiors blogger it would not be a problem either really, as instead of toys and books I would probably be reviewing furnishings so until I manage to break out of this niche then I will be entering whatever competition I can find to fill the big empty house.

The boys are getting excited as their rooms are starting to take shape. Hopefully hubbie will paint one this weekend and the flooring is getting laid next week. At first the boys will no doubt have to share but it will be a huge improvement on us all being squished in the same room. I have a lovely mural to review for eldest next week but I know for a fact youngest will grumble if his room does not have one too for when it is finished.

As I mentioned I have no extra funds for the fun bits of dressing the house, so finding this competition on the FADS blog to win a Transformers wall mural is perfect.

It is a Pinterest competition and I do have an account so it’s worth a try anyway especially as I know for a fact youngest would be in awe of that dramatic action scene on his bedroom wall. He is quite an active boisterous boy and would suit a battle scene; eldest is certainly better matched with the underwater theme sent for my review post through TOTS100.

To enter this particular competition you do need an eye for interiors though, as your board will include a range of items (including the rather fabulous mural) to create your ideal child’s room. If you look around online home magazines you can find a few idea’s to develop a theme, with such an eye catching image on the wall its hard to know where to go from that!

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