To add to my list of woes

We had heavy rain last week usually I am quite pleased when it arrives as it means our builders actually stay on our job but unfortunately the rain revealed five leaks this time (the ceiling and plasterboard are down so you can see more clearly what is going on when the weather changes!).

Our roof will now need patching up that was the biggest problem and I think the front of the house needs repointing. We had hoped to get away with it for a couple of years, but sadly it looks like that is not the case. If its not one thing its another, but then again everyone says that’s what happens when you take on an old house. The plumber said we would have to look at fuel efficiency to save money, any savings we can make to survive the cold winter. It’s worrying when everyone starts telling you to be careful with fuel consumption and expenses. You will probably find me permanently in about twenty layers to keep warm, although walking around the house dressed like that might be difficult!

Seeing as we will be having unexpected work on the roof, I might as well see what else we can do to try and cut back on our energy costs. I have heard about the benefits of solar panels, they sound really cost effective according to this article and last longer than predicted so make a suitable long-term investment. I’d rather keep my head in the sand and forget about the house, but I’ve started researching the feasibility of solar panels and found some good information here.

Building control suggested insulating the new ceiling when it’s fitted, our builders seem very capable but always off on other jobs too! I should have married a builder then I might have had a chance of work being finished… I am probably getting more grey hairs by the day panicking I will be living at home with my parents throughout the school holidays! I need to have my house habitable by then or you will find me rocking in a corner.

On the plus side the second bedroom has been painted and the flooring is coming later today.

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