Win the Complete First Series of Badger the Mystical Mutt

was so pleased when Badger the
Mystical Mutt and the Flying Fez book arrived on our doorstep. My eldest gets withdrawal symptoms if he
does not hear regular Badger adventures and always hopes a copy will somehow
make its way to us by Wim-Wim.

latest instalment was yet another success, especially as our dog even wanted to
hear the story. She does have a little
bit of Badger about her; perhaps I need to invest in a spotty neckerchief! After reading the first chapter with my
eldest I shall not get my lovely dog a flying fez, the hat seems quite
troublesome with a short attention span!

book is the conclusion of the first series of Badger the Mystical Mutt and I
think it really does teach children the value of endearing friendships, seeing
the excitement of the old friends coming together for the party was quite
touching especially as we have got close to all the characters through the
earlier books.

things have not changed like p-mails are still getting giggles from my toilet
humour appreciating son. Although
mentions like that help capture his attention but it’s the underlying messages
that I like him getting the most. Life
with friends can have its up and down’s but coming together for a reunion shows
just how much each of the characters mean to each other and they will always be
there when it counts, despite sell out dancing tours and visions of grandeur!

seems out of character not having Badger with his trademark neckerchief but its
interesting learning more about the famous red and white spotty piece of
material and the reason for his disappearance in this book. The Flying Fez
is a practical joker even tampering with Badger’s beloved toast supplies and filling
the lane with thousands of peas so we soon miss the trusty reliable ‘Chief.

The party preparations make appealing
reading, the alley cats as DJ’s, a feast of Crunchy Munchy Chewy Chops and bins
decorated with fairy lights, but they do have a few mishaps along the way. I will not reveal anymore of the story, as I
know you would want to enjoy it with your child and not have the whole plot
leaked here. I think we will be in for a treat though when Series two comes out.

you would like to win the complete first series of Badger books (six in total)
then please complete the rafflecopter below by the 3rd of August.

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70 thoughts on “Win the Complete First Series of Badger the Mystical Mutt

  1. Great prize. Would love to win, as haven't read the books yet. Family would love them, as we love pets especially dogs :- As they can be such loyal companions.

    Rachel Craig

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