Are You Too Broke For A Holiday? Or Just Too Stressed…

Be honest. Does the thought of large trips with your large
family sort of, well, terrify you? Are you going on holiday this year? If not,
why not? Of course, not everyone can afford it, that much is a given. But if
you’re being put off because you’re a little overwhelmed by the idea of going
with the whole family, hear me out. Everything in your planning and preparation
can be stress free, providing you’re willing to stop procrastinating. I know. I
do it too! It’s incredibly difficult not to, when you have a thousand and one
other things to do as well. But if you get things sorted weeks in advance,
there’s no reason the idea of travel with kids should scare you.

Since money is probably the elephant in the room, let’s
start with that. Decide on your travels either ages before, or RIGHT before you
want to go. Both booking months in advance and then super last minute deals are
probably the best! It all just depends on your circumstances. When it comes to
foreign money, you should also make sure that you’re ordering your currency way
in advance. We all know there can be a bit of a summer rush, and it would be a
total shame to miss out – or worse, have to buy it at the airport, where the
commission is extortionate! Remember, your debit card is likely to cost a
not-so-pretty penny, so either don’t use it at all by preloading a currency
card instead, or at the very least, let your bank know you’re taking it abroad.
Family and friends back home can always help you in any emergencies with money
transfer companies like Azimo, who work

When it comes to choosing where you want to go, there are loads
of ways of scoping out the best deals. I love Kayak,
personally, as it allows you to compare all the different prices for either
just flights, or package deals. One good thing to arrange as well is your
airport transfers – your local cab company is a good shout, but for larger
families, you’re best going with someone like International Coaches, who
can provide larger vehicles.

The one thing you of course can’t afford to be tight on
where kids are involved, is travel insurance. Please, please don’t just think
of this as an ‘optional extra’. Without being melodramatic, it really can be
the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, most countries don’t take
the same attitudes to healthcare as we do, and many aren’t as picky about
safety. So we have to be on guard, and prepared (touch wood!) for all

Have a great time!

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