#BlackpoolsBack Beating Holidays Abroad

We have covered lots of the Wales and England with the
boys, always on the hunt for the next big attraction for our quota of thrills
and spills or another quaint beautiful location to appreciate a slower pace of
life. Somewhere I do quite fancy taking
the boys is Blackpool, I went a fair few times whilst at University as it was
not far from Lancaster. It offered a
fabulous mix of a busy bustling resort with lots of amenities and attractions
(I love the illuminations!) but also the chance to unwind beachside.

research amongst children aged six to seventeen has shown that Blackpool is the
destination children would pick for their holidays (based on a wishlist of
different factors). I try and choose my
holidays based around the entertainment options for my boys so having read this
I think my visit to Blackpool cannot wait much longer. Blackpool actually came ahead of Orlando,
Italy and France, so it seems silly for us to jet off to a warmer location
paying a small fortune in the process when I can have happier boys from a
holiday so much closer.

are not always fond of travelling if my youngest had his way he would never go
anywhere, although on arrival at his destination he is always pleased to be
there and keen to get involved in whatever is happening. But I can relate to the poll saying 55% of
children surveyed think the journey should take no longer than four hours, with
the potential for travel sickness and getting fed up and bored on long journeys
its no wonder a closer destination is more popular.

of children wanted the sandy beach but on their doorstep, not one requiring a
decent walk or a car journey, the beach has to be a stroll from the holiday
accommodation something Blackpool offers so well and given how much we love heading to a beach its a natural destination choice for us.

Mind you the
problem with holidaying in the UK is the weather, its temperamental at best,
but only 1 out of 20 children thought that was an issue. Blackpool has all weather attractions, so
you can always find something to do and its surprising how much fun you can
have with a rain coat and wellies even on the beach!

am off to do a spot of research on the Visit
Blackpool website and in the meantime follow the hashtag #BlackpoolsBack to see what Blackpool can offer your family.

BlackpoolsBack commissioned OnePoll to survey 2,000 UK children aged 6 – 17 in June 2014

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