Colin The Crab Review

My eldest loves sea creatures so this book was an instant
hit! He enjoys visiting beaches and
exploring rock pools to see if he can discover any crabs or starfish. We tend to be very careful with anything we
do find, so I appreciated the message behind the book as it encouraged children
to take care of any creatures they find and make sure they return them safely
to where they were found.

message sinks in so well as Colin the Crab is a likeable character and you
really sympathise with him when his best friends disappear. I do not want to give too much of the book
away, but it is a good way to show children the importance of being gentle and
considerate with wildlife. It also
gives some tips how you can do that, like making sure buckets of creatures are
not overcrowded and fresh seawater is added regularly.

tend to look at the creatures we find and then put them straight back but you
often see heaps of children running along with a big bucketful of their
findings from the beach. Perhaps more
children will think about poor Colin and his initial worries for his friends
and change their behaviour.

illustrations are lovely; the book is a pleasure to read together.

Each page has some form of movement with a
pop up bucket or a tab to shift Colin along the page. It is a book that will be appreciated by many children, as most
have a fondness for visits to the seaside.

Colin the Crab Pop Up Book can be bought from the Gone Crabbing website for £7.99.

Gone Crabbing also have a video about Crabbing with Compassion, which is funny to watch but educational too!

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