Driving Miss Mummy… And The Kids

If you’ve got a car to take the kids to and from nursery, school, whatever – you’ll know what a lifesaver it is. Not only can you bundle the children, their stuff, and your sanity (ha) into one confined space, you can also ensure that you have full and total control in getting them to where they need to be… until you don’t.

Not everyone is a super-fan of a family car, and it’s understandable. Some fear driving, because of the pressure and responsibility it places on them. Others hate traffic and find public transport is quicker (often trains) while some parents (increasingly, in today’s society) simply never learned to drive. For them, having a car is an unnecessary expense, and they find that even though buses are getting costlier, they’d still save some cash by using those –which is fine, for some people, depending on where you live.

If you’re not lucky enough to be living in a major city, you may, however, find yourself incredibly limited by not having a car. Some bus routes are perhaps only once an hour, they don’t go anywhere near where your destination ACTUALLY is, and they require a very inconveniently timed change of service. *Sigh* Costs for short journeys with multiple passengers often work out way cheaper in your own vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about having any pesky change.

I’m being idealistic, you might think. Cars cost a bloody fortune! This is true, yes, when you buy them outright. But there are plenty of options, from financing to second hand cars. Thisisads by Local World have a great selection, and they operate regionally, so you can go check it out closer to home before you commit to anything.

In the long run, you might save the whole family some money, and you’ll almost certainly save yourselves some time. Not only that… it’s just a whole load easier, and you’ll give yourselves a ton of freedom! You’re no longer confined to the house on Sundays, or left stranded at all hours of the night if you miss the last bus. Perhaps you can even take that job in the remote village half an hour away you’ve only ever dreamed of until now?

There are endless possibilities, but no matter what you choose, always make sure you put the kids first they are what is most precious to us after all. What’s right for your family may not be right for others, so take the right precautions accordingly. If public transport is your main option for now, speak to the kids at a young age about the potential dangers they could encounter. As a parent who’s also a driver, you have a responsibility to check your car is roadworthy, and not to make any choices which could endanger your child’s life.

Good luck on your journey, however you may take it! I think given half a chance my boys would travel in construction vehicles…

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