Learning Resources Hot Dots Review and Competition

have heard of Hot Dots but not had an opportunity to try them until now. We were sent the Let’s
Learn Grammar set, which included the Talking Hot Dots Pen and three
activity books. I was very impressed as
the pen worked with the activity books straight away, we had no need to
download from a separate website wasting precious time and energy!

boys could just enjoy learning at their leisure and without any real attention
from mummy! The pen lets them know if
they have answered correctly by lighting green and red if an answer is wrong,
so they soon pick up lots of new skills as they work through the carefully
structured activities.

thought my eldest who is 7 was quite capable at reading but approaching grammar
is a whole other ballgame, working through the activity books I can easily see
the gaps in his knowledge and address it with extra help. To be honest I am learning a few things
myself which is a slight concern given the pack is aimed at 5-7 year olds,
obviously I could do with a brush up of my grammar skills too!

think the testament to just how much I liked the idea of Hot Dots and all the
activity books was the fact I placed a rather large order this morning for lots
more products, spanning different subjects like time, money and science!!! I do not think hubbie was too keen on my mad
Hot Dots spending spree but if it helps the boys get a good start with their
education then I think its money well spent. 
At the very least it seems to keep them preoccupied for a bit and out of
mischief, so I am really looking forward to my delivery arriving.

have another set exactly like the one we reviewed to giveaway here, if you
would like to enter please complete the rafflecopter below by the 24th
of August.

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19 thoughts on “Learning Resources Hot Dots Review and Competition

  1. I try to include the children in everyday activities :- Whilst counting, learning colours, weighing and measuring etc. Children are naturally curious, and can learn when involved in activities. Whilst they like to be included and occupied.Baking etc can be great fun, can weigh, count etc, and later enjoy the tasty treats.

    Rachel Craig

  2. my daughter constantly has a pen and paper in her hand, she forever asking me hoe to spell things, i ask her how she thinks there spelt and 99 percent of the time shes right. i wont give her the correct spelling without her trying 1st.

  3. reading, counting and times tables when sharing things like sweets and I always try to encourage them, especially my middle son who hates writing, to write things like shopping lists or take 'our order' at tea time – they love playing restraurants!
    Helen booth

  4. I am doing phonics with my son atm and learning tricky words that don't sound out with flash cards
    Charmaine gray

  5. We always read with our kids and are encouraging them to sing songs and rhymes which is helping them learn numbers, colours and the alphabet. My son is 2 and a half and my daughter 17 months.

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