#MyDen builders extraordinaire

My boys love making dens, hiding away and coming up with
imaginary worlds. They enjoy adding all
their favourite things, soft toys and plenty of snacks for a quick indoor
picnic. It is a great activity when the
weather is miserable outside, children can burn off some steam hunting around
the house for suitable den building materials and then if your lucky they will
be happily occupied inside reading, playing and eating.

They use blankets, their quilts and sleeping bags for a cosy roof and then usually chairs and their handy EZ-Fort to make a grand structure. They always look so cute and happy together in a den that I think its something us parents should encourage. I think tomorrow I might task them to build another, keeping them occupied this summer has been tough!

Philips have a wonderful competition running at the moment to share your den building pictures on their facebook page or twitter for the chance to win den building sets or fabulous Philips Disney Lights, just upload your photo’s, drawings or video and use the hashtag #MyDen. The lights are so cute, perfect to add to the dens your children are building. Every child loves Disney and if they use enough blankets they might just need the extra light to see what they are doing!

Good luck with your entries.

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