#Netflix A Summer of Learning & Entertainment

has continued to be our summer saviour for downtime for the boys. I have tried switching off my laptop and
forgetting the chores as of late and enjoying some more cuddles instead as they
watch these fabulous kids shows. The
boys are growing up so fast really on those precious moments when they are
tucked up in a blanket; I want to cherish every cuddle with them and every interesting debate!

The Missing Lynx was a wonderful film to introduce them to
the issues of conservation in a way they can grasp; there is a mean hunter and
a group of animated endangered animals friends. It’s so fantastic that Netflix can get the children thinking
about the bigger issues. Netflix time
is more than a chance to relax it can be surprisingly thought provoking.

Netflix can serve as an excellent educational resource
because of all the natural history programmes like walking with dinosaurs and the
sheer number of nature shows such as the life of birds or mammals and African
cats. They can also learn more about
the solar system with The Planets, with a long time away from school its good
that you can brush up on their knowledge.

Walking With Dinosaurs: Sea Monsters saw hubbie and the boys doing the actions, asking probing questions and learning lots of new things about the most dangerous sea’s.

“What’s that on his head?” questioned youngest about a menacing looking shark, it looks like a chimney pot… eldest explains that bit changed, they evolved, daddy says they streamlined… not sure the boys will want to go swimming in the sea for awhile!!!

This morning they are watching A Bugs Life and appreciating the value of friendship for conquering adversity!

I like how Netflix Kids is broken down into different
headings to make finding something you will enjoy watching that much
easier. The various sections help you
find out what is popular, other suitable programmes to watch based on what you
have already seen, animated shows, adventures and comedies. It’s not possible to have an “I’m bored!” moment with Netflix.

Another great feature is it remembers where you are up to on a
certain show so if the boys get close to bedtime they know the next day they
can pick up where they left off. No
having to stay up later just to get to the end of a show, you can ship them off to bed when you need your rest!

Having only Netflix we are no longer exposed to TV
adverts, it will be interesting to see how this plays out for Christmas. The boys are not being exposed to those toy
adverts at all, so I am not being pressured to buy certain expensive toys!

and I have developed a thing for The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) films; handily you can do a search on
Netflix by actor and then see all the films featuring them. We have been working our way through any he
is in after enjoying one. If we find
the film is not for us its an easy matter to swap to something else. If we had hired a film we would feel like we
had to stick with it for better or worse to justify the hire price!!!

the summer Netflix has enriched our time together as a family.

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