One day I will renew my vows

My friends are getting married next year; they are planning quite a lavish affair with a sweetie table (they seem all the rage now!), children’s entertainment and a generous banquet of food. I haven’t been to a wedding in ages, so I am really looking forward to it! Going to a wedding leaves you on such a high, seeing the smitten eyes of the newlyweds and being caught up in the bubbly excitement of the day. I would love to renew my vows, just so I could go through that again!

Back when we got married over seven years ago we had quite a restrictive budget, so we did not have all the trimmings. We kept the guests invited to a minimum (very close friends and family) and cut right back on the extras! We did not even have an official photographer, a friend of the family volunteered to help take some snapshots. I would like to do it again, possibly a few years down the line, when we could have a more elaborate affair. I think I have been spending too much time looking on wedding sites trying to find ideas for my friend and it’s made me want to relive mine again!

There is a helpful budget tracker on the WeddingSite that keeps things on track, as you can soon get carried away in terms of wedding planning! Before you know it you want an expensive wedding car to drive you to the wedding venue (we compromised and had a lift in my friends lovely car!), luxurious wedding favours for all the guests (I am sure some people must spend more on the guests than they get back in terms of a gift for themselves!) and a designer dress (I bought mine in a sale at a high street bridal shop). So you see if you’re willing to make the odd sacrifice you can have a wonderful wedding without breaking the bank, but I cannot promise you won’t hanker for a more over-the-top affair one day!

Our cake consisted of two iced M&S Fruit cakes with some flowers on top! Much cheaper.

With hindsight I wish I had invested in a photographer, as they seem to capture the memories of the day so beautifully, but back then I did not have a spare £1k plus for that purpose. You can have quite a lot of fun with wedding photography; a think a photo booth would have been entertaining. Although marrying on a budget has not affected our marriage, it has meant we started married life without a burden of debt hanging over us so it’s been a positive thing overall. Yet I cannot help yearning for a taste of the extravagant weddings some of my friends have had.

There are some useful tips in this article about weddings on a budget that make achieving a shoe string wedding more of a reality! Supposedly a November wedding is cheaper as the venues are more affordable at that time of the year. Also help from your friends can drop the cost; we are lending our sweet jars to a friend so that will cut the costs at least of her sweetie table. So find out what your friends are good at and utilise them!!!

Unfortunately a wedding takes so much planning and preparation but then over so quickly. I think it’s important to get as much support as you can to make the organisation simpler so you can focus on the main thing of being head over heels with your partner and cherishing every moment of that magical day.

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